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                【博導論壇】Content-based Encryption

                發布時間:2016-12-06     字體:[增加 減小]

                : Content-based Encryption












                 Content-centric networks have demonstrated an entirely new type of network

                topology, which offers a new way to distribute information in the data-driven

                network. Unlike the TCP/IP network topology, which is address-driven, content-

                centric networks do not require any address. Based on the content-to-consumer

                paradigm, content-centric networking architecture was proposed for the content to

                be provided efficiently with great convenience to users. As the content-centric

                network is not address-driven, when a data packet is delivered it cannot be

                encrypted with any encryption key of a node. Therefore, data confidentiality in

                content-centric network is a challenging problem. Motivated to solve this problem, I

                will introduce a new cryptosystem for content-based encryption, where the

                encryption key is associated with the content and present the content-based

                encryption scheme (CBE), which is proven to be semantically secure in the random

                oracle model. The CBE is applied to construct a secure content delivery protocol in a

                content-centric network.




                 Professor Yi Mu received his PhD from the Australian National University in 1994. He

                is currently a full professor and Director of Centre for Computer and Information

                Security Research at University of Wollongong, Australia. He was the Head of School of

                Computer Science and Software Engineering at University of Wollongong during 2011-

                2015. His current research interest includes cryptography, information security and

                quantum cryptography. He has published over 400 research papers, including over 160

                journal papers and many papers at top-tier cryptography conferences such as Eurocrypt,

                Asiacrypt, PKC, CT-RSA, FSE, etc. He has served as program chair and member of

                program committee over 200 conferences including ACM CCS, ESORICS, ACISP, AisaCCS,

                etc. and is currently a member of the steering committees of AsiaCCS, CANS and

                ProvSec. Professor Yi Mu is the editor-in-chief of International Journal of Applied

                Cryptography and serves as associate editor for nine other international journals. He is a

                senior member of the IEEE.